TCS Plus Experts

Small Business & Startup Consulting

With 5+ years’ experience in raising capital and building multiple startups, we are one of the few business startup consultants in Lagos that really cares about building startups & providing strategy consulting for startups in Nigeria.

Through our startup business consulting services, TCS Plus Experts enables these dynamic and often young entrepreneurs in charting the path forward while they continue their focus on other key areas. We curate and implement robust business strategies in their early stages which maximizes valuation thus creating far better enterprise values for investors and founders both.

To help startup succeed further, we offer startup advisory services in concept ideation, pitch deck.

Startup Advisory Services

Concept Ideation & Validation

Market Research

Proof Of Concept

Business Plan

Investment Pitch Deck

Market Assessment

Go To Market Strategy

Financial Model & Analysis

Another key area where we excel is in creating outstanding value proposition models for our clients. We position brands of our customers that differentiates them from competitors, helps build trust amongst their customers and offer a strong product or service that is desirable in the markets they operate in.

Our value proposition models have helped small businesses bring internal teams on same page, understand competition and key objectives to success, expand in new markets and identify opportunities to improve business efficiencies.

We create unique value proposition models by helping raise money, create robust financial models, improve profit margins, and optimize cash flow, business development and digital marketing strategies.

Our Consultion Services

Starting a New Business

Starting and growing a business requires extensive planning, preparation and hard-work.

Growing an Existing Business

Rapid growth is exciting but it can also be a costly trap that can lead to expensive problems rather than continued success.

Buying and Selling a Business

Every buyer needs to answer the following questions: What is a fair price for the business? How can that be determined? Why does the seller want to sell? What are the rules of the game?

A common issue with most of the small businesses and new companies is the lack of proper consultation. A good consultancy company can actually make a difference for your business. Being a top-notch consulting services company, we offer a broad range of consultancy services in Lagos. TCS Plus Experts will help you boost your business.

You can reach new heights with your business with the Consultancy Services in Lagos. We will help you through all the obstacles that are there in your way. Our team holds in-depth knowledge of the market and the industry. In other words, we know the strategies that will be effective for your business.

What Is the Necessity of Consultancy Services?

A major issue with the new and small companies is the lack of experience. This can lead them to take wrong decisions or not being able to grab the opportunities. Apart from that, a limited network and lack of understanding of market behavior can also be the cause. These issues can easily be overcome with the help of a consultancy company. In addition to that, business consultancy services can help you to tackle these issues. 

Hence, there can be many different things for which a company can seek a consultancy services company.

For the fact that even the bigger companies look for Consulting Company when they see any issue in their structure. In conclusion, the Consulting Services Company is the basic need of any business. So that’s why it is highly recommended to set the business on the right path.

TCS Plus Experts Consulting Services

TCS Plus Experts offers any and every kind of consultancy that is required for the growth of a company. Additionally, we will help you with everything from the planning to the execution. Not only we will help you with the marketing plans, but we will also help you with IT services and more. Here is a list of our Consulting Services in Lagos –

Business Consulting Services

Our expert consultants will help you with your business as soon as you hire TCS Plus Experts for the consultation. They will listen to the issues you are facing, your business ideas, your current strategies and more. After that, they will help you to understand the main reason behind the issues you are facing and will formulate a solution for them. TCS Plus Experts also helps you with your business ideas and strategies by giving feedback for making improvements in them and helping you with the execution of your strategies as well. TCS Plus Experts will also guide you on how to grow your network in your niche among other business persons and customers.

IT Consulting Services

In today’s world where everything is moving towards technology and the digital world, it is very crucial to decide which IT services you should opt for your company. Having an in-house IT team can get very expensive and therefore, hiring a company to take the burden off your shoulder can be beneficial. TCS Plus Experts, being the leading consultancy services in Lagos, delivers the best IT consultancy services. More than that, our in-house team of IT experts will take care of the IT-related work. TCS Plus Experts, a consultancy company provides you with digital marketing services to boost the reach of your company to a greater extent. Therefore, TCS Plus Experts is your one-stop solution for any kind of IT consulting service that you require for your company.


One of the most important things for any company is that every employee understands the ideals and goals of your company. Making them realize these things can become very tough for any company. It is very important that the internal structure of the company remains strong. TCS Plus Experts can also help you with that by organizing seminars in your office to motivate the office employees and lift the environment of the company.